As the Durbanville Athletics Club committee we realise that the Corona virus, and specifically Covid-19, presents a real emergency not only in South Africa, but also worldwide. As a committee we take our lead from the South African government, Western Cape authorities and the World Health Organisation (WHO). In line with their recommendations and actions, the committee suggests the following:
• Road and Trail Club Runs
All training runs, including Sunday road and trail runs, Tuesday and Thursday training runs, Wednesday trail sessions have been cancelled until further notice.

If you start small running groups for safety etc. please make sure you take the necessary precautions.

• When not to join a club run
If any of our club members may have been exposed to someone with Covid-19, then they should self-isolate and not join any the clubs organized runs.
If anyone has any symptoms of the flu, we strongly recommend to not join the club runs. This is good medical advice, even if it is the “normal” flu, not to run while sick.
• Member of the Month for March
Member of the Month for March is hereby cancelled. Our MoMs are very well attended, and is likely to have close to or more than a 100 people in attendance.
The committee will advise on future MoM events as the dates approach.

• Bonitas Comrades Novice Seminar 2020
This was to be held on the 15 April at the Durbanville Golf Course, has been cancelled.
• What should members do
We will encourage all members in our running community to implement all necessary precautions as recommended and communicated by the CCID and broader government structures. We support all measures put in place, and urge all our members and extended running fraternity to observe the guidelines and precautions as stated (from social distancing to self-isolation and more).
• Club social media
Furthermore we strongly advise against posting of non-authentic sources [fake news] on our social media channels and to avoid getting involved in toxic debates. This is a serious pandemic and we don’t need to be chastising each other on open platforms. It doesn’t help.
• Monitor the recommendations
The club will continue to monitor recommendations and advice from the government and experts and will adjust as per the prevailing advice. This is a fluid situation and we will need to be vigilant and adaptable in our response to this pandemic.
• Questions
Please do not hesitate to contact anyone on the committee, or email should you have further questions.
Cheers and be safe – David



Please check out our join process for how to complete the annual membership. 

If you are transferring from another club a reminder to get your old club to change your status to "Transferred" on the ASA website first and then follow the rest of our process.

Durbac was established in 1984 and we are one of the largest and most active running clubs in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town.

We are based at Durbanville Golf Club and our members automatically have Social Member status at the Golf Club.

Durbac caters for long and short distance road running, trail running and cross country.

We cater specifically for beginners (we have special training runs for "Penguins").

Many of our members participate in biathlon, duathlon, triathlon and Ironman events.



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