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Chairmain's Corner 

Chairman's Corner - Winter 2018

As the winter gets into its full stride, it strikes me how the landscape in the Cape peninsula has transformed over the past few months.  From the parched and dusty farms and the dry mountain streams, we have gone to lush fields and waterfalls in the mountains.  As runners we get out there and (most of us) move slowly enough that we can really see and feel the changes that the natural cycle brings every year.  And this year we are reminded how much we need this on-going cycle of change, as winter brings much needed replenishment to our part of the world.

We can draw a parallel between the ongoing process of growth, renewal, and transformation in nature, and the same cycle in our lives.  The same applies to our Club.  We have grown tremendously, with total membership exceeding 650 members, and moving towards the 700 milestone.  We heard this month that Durbac is now the 4th largest running club in the Western Province!  We have come a far way from our humble beginnings when a hand full of people started the club back in 1984.

We can see how the involvement of members in our club activities have also increased.  Our weekday club training runs (road and trail) are well attended, even in the "quiet" winter months.  This means that groups are big enough to cater for all pace groups, from rabbits to tortoises and everything in-between! The same applies to our Sunday long runs.  Road, trail and cross country are well supported by our members.  If you have not run with the club, give it a try!  It is much more fun (and safer) than running on your own!

Behind the scenes, there are many women and men that give of their time to make the club run smoothly.
At Durbac, we believe in "many hands make light work", and we also depend on new blood coming into the club organisation every year.  The mix of "old hands" that offer continuity and "new blood" that bring new ideas is a cornerstone of our success.
The club cycle runs from September to August, with volunteer positions as well as elected roles being filled in September every year.

We are looking for volunteers to help out in the following areas.  Please contact us if you are interested in contributing a bit of your time, skills and great ideas!
- Road captain's team - Paul Kotze (pkotze@gmail.com)
- Trail captain's team - Conrad Meier (conradmeier@gmail.com)
- Cross country team - Teresa and Reece Brooks (teresab@lr.co.za)
- Comrades committee - Rob Burns (rburns@xsinet.co.za)
- Sunday runs (road) team - Lorraine Rogers (lorraine123@live.com)
- Digital team (Facebook, Website) - Paul Kotze (pkotze@gmail.com)
- Newsletter - Suzy Barr (barrsuzy@gmail.com)
- Social committee - Dianie Lamprecht (dianie2774@gmail.com)
- Finance team/ Treasurer - Robin Tooth (robin@stingray.co.za )

We look forward to the next cycle of growth, renewal, and transformation in Durbac as Spring comes, with a bunch of great people once again making sure that Durbac is a great place for runners to get together with like-minded people to share our love of running!

Yours in running,
Herman Crause

Durbac AGM - Save the Date!

The date for our Annual General Meeting is set for

19 September 2018

What is the AGM?
  • Report-back on the year that was
  • Election of the Club Office Bearers
  • Agreement on the club budget and fees for 2019
  • Proposal of ideas about how to best spend the club's surplus funds for the benefit of members
What is the AGM not?
  • It is not a long drawn-out affair.  We aim to be done in about an hour
  • It is not an opportunity to force anyone to take up a role within the club.  We try to line up volunteers for all roles well before the AGM
Please diarise the date, and come and contribute to your club!
We had a great AGM in 2017, with good attendance and active particiation.  Let's see if we can make 2018's AGM even better?



This year saw 109 members of our club line up for the down run. This included a number of nervous novices and some nervous regulars too.  As always the atmosphere was electric during the few days leading up to the run.
The Comrades Send off at Member of the Month was well attended with more than 60% of the field attending and a good vibe prevailed.  We had an interesting talk by club legend Riel Hugo who has 40 Comrades under the belt, which include 21 silvers and the Spirit of Comrades award.  It was very enlightening to hear about the early days when they ran in takkies and you had to organize your own seconders.  The training and nutrition regime was also somewhat Spartan.  A decent hot meal, subsidized by the club rounded the evening off.  Note to next years’ runners.  The sendoff is not to be missed.
Natal (KZN) was good to us this year with pleasant weather especially on race day.  As a supporter we had to wear a warm top for most of the day, it was so cool but that was great for the runners.
The 60km club table was at Gillits this year being the down run.  It was a festive atmosphere with many supporters lending to the cheer.  By now most of you will have seen the photos posted on Face Book by Corlise Tooth, my willing and able table companion (you should have seen administering first aid).  Manning this table is always a lot of fun and many emotional moments too.  Some of our runners are really digging deep at 60km and the emotional release they express when they see our club gazebo is the source of many happy tears and what makes it all worthwhile.
Corlise and I packed up our table when the sweeper car passed by and we headed for the finish at Moses Mahbida stadium.  I thought parking would be a breeze seeing as this stadium accommodates thousands of soccer fans but that was not to be.  I suspect most of the soccer fans travel by public transport whereas Comrades supporters all use their cars.  It was a nightmare as usual trying to find any parking, let alone near the stadium.
This was the first time that the stadium was used for Comrades finish.  I have mixed feelings about it as a venue.  There are some who think it great as this is typical of overseas marathons but although it was very efficient, I felt it lacked the intimacy of the Comrades experience post run.  Getting to our suite of seats on the stand seemed a mission to some so less than normal members came to it.  It’s virtually impossible to see your fellow runners enter the finish straight unless you watch the big screen continuously but that’s impractical.  Besides the suite was placed on the far side of the stadium so when we did recognize someone they were too far away to bother cheering them.  Perhaps we should consider purchasing a gazebo site in the supporter’s park next down run.  You are herded out of the stadium after your run anyway so it makes sense to walk into the People’s Park and find your club gazebo.
It has been an absolute pleasure to be of service to our club’s Comrades runners for the past 4 years.  I am bowing out as I believe it’s time for new blood.  If you feel you can cope with this function in our club, please let me or Lorraine know so we can brief you about what it entails.  All the planning from organizing the Chappies Run to approving our club’s entrants, organizing Comrades Tops and the support on race day is written down and will be passed onto the incumbent.
It remains for me to thank my committee, Robin Tooth, Lorraine Rogers and Corlise Tooth who assisted me at the 60km gazebo.  Robin and Lorraine’s experience is invaluable and makes for a smooth running of the show.
Best wishes,
Rob Burns

Durbac Goats and friends at the start of the Bartinney to Bartinney trail run

Trail MOM's and NOA's

WARNING! Making MOM facts public

Trail Member of the Month (MOM) was held on 28 June at Durbanville Golf Club.

The following people were awarded a Member of the Month trophy for their achievements on the Trails:
Roelof Mostert – For Winning the George MUT & Tsitsikama Ultra
Marianne Nelson – For being and Inspiration and winning the Sanet Wentzel Spirit Award at African X
Celso de Nobrega – For Achieving his NOA when he completed The Beast Trail Run
Janine Henning – For Achieving her NOA for joining her first trail run after Jude joined the world
Warren Hengst – For Achieving his NOA when he Won the 16km Oorlogskloof Trail Run

Notices of Anticipation were issued to the following people to take on specific challenges:
Herman Crause – To climb over 3000m of elevation in 1 week
Conrad Meier – To climb over 3000m of elevation in 1 week
Robert Henning – To run an ultra-trail of over 50km
Charne Venter – To complete a 20km trail run

Moment of the Month was awarded to:
Gideon Redelinghuis – For the “long lost” car keys state of affairs at Oorlogskloof

The next Trail MOM will be on 27 September 2018 

July MOM (hosted by the Road Captains) will be on the 26th

Go forth and achieve!
Some Durbies at the club gazebo after the Safari Half Marathon
Durbac runners at Cross Country League 2, Zeekoevlei
A busy water table at a Sunday Club Run

Looking for a Run? Look no further...

Sunday Runs
Durvanville AC
Durvanville AC
Durbanville AC Trial
Durbanville AC Trial
Durbac Members Group
Durbac Members Group
Durbac Cross Country
Durbac Cross Country

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